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    Linda Bingham
    Linda Bingham

    Linda is now the principal at Edgecliff Mews Dentistry after a distinguished dental career that has included many years running her own private practice as well as rewarding stints as a Sub Dean at the University of Sydney and as Professional Adviser and Health Promoter for the National Australian Dental Association. Linda is excited to bring her experience, her passion for oral health, and her deep commitment to patient care to Edgecliff Mews Dentistry. Linda’s standard for care is to treat every patient as though they are yourself or your dearest loved one.

    After graduating for the University of Sydney, Linda founded and led an innovative dental practice in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Over the course of many years, this practice became a benchmark for dental excellence, providing compassionate patient care and delivering the highest standard of restorative and conservative cosmetic services.

    Linda’s passion for dental excellence brought her to work in the wider world of health and education. In the role of Sub Dean at the University of Sydney, she taught students and dentists and took on responsibility for running the clinics at Sydney Dental Hospital. Linda has worked and taught with the best and brightest from Australia and all over the world. In addition, as Professional Advisor and Health Promoter for the National Australian Dental Association (ADA), she worked with peak national health bodies to advocate for the ethical practice of dentistry and to promote preventive health programs in diverse Australian communities

    Throughout her career, Linda has been guided by her belief in preventive oral health. Through education and thoughtful coaching, patients can stay healthy and dental disease can be beaten. She works to understand every patient’s priorities and develop an individualised strategy to ensure great health, great functioning, and a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

    Linda is known and sought after for her diagnostic and treatment skills. She loves working with all age groups: children, teens, and adults. She believes that the most excellent restorative care is conservative, beautiful, and built to last, and she achieves this using evidence-based science as well as a sense of aesthetics that she has inherited from her mother, an artist.

    Linda is renowned for her caring and compassionate way with patients, ensuring they feel in control of their dental experience. She makes it her mission to be extremely gentle and kind, with ‘anesthetics’ that are not felt and many patients go to sleep during treatment because they feel relaxed and comfortable.

    Outside of dentistry Linda’s other passions include spending time with her family and friends. She loves being the mother of her sons, Jason and Alexander Wells. Linda also has a psychology degree, which enriches her practice of dentistry, and she uses as a coach in her spare time. For ‘self care’ she enjoys most kinds or exercise and yoga and loves spending time in nature.

  • Mark Cotter
    Mark Cotter